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In this bittersweet episode, I fill you in on why the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast is ending. You'll hear what this amazing journey has taught me and you'll get a small taste of what my next adventure will be. 

A huge thank you to all my amazing listeners. Without your support, this show would have never happened. I will miss you! 

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I'm joined by John T. Reynolds. John is an accomplished TV writer and the creator of the darkly funny comic, A Fistful of Babies.

In this episode, you’ll hear how John got started cartooning, his thoughts on how cartooning is unlike any other medium, and how he got a letter from “Calvin and Hobbes” creator, Bill Watterson.

You'll gain a lot cartooning insights through my conversation with John. It's a blast!

One program note--John and I drop a couple of swear words in this episode. Just letting you know in case there are any youngsters in the audience.


Can you say “links”?
A Fistful of Babies Site
Astoria, Queens
Dumpling Galaxy
John T. Reynolds on Instagram: @afistfulofbabies

Today I'm joined by syndicated cartoonist and comedian, Teresa Roberts Logan.

In this wide-ranging, fun-filled conversation, the Laughing Redhead creator tells us about her love of zombies, what her writing process is like, and how she lost her sense of smell. You're going to like this foolin'!

Links are on the house:
Laughing Redhead Studios
Laughing Redhead on Etsy
Laughing Redhead on GoComics
Teresa on Instgram and Twitter: @laughingredhead
Everyday Noodles in Squirrel Hill

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I'm joined by humorous illustrator, character designer, and cartoonist, Robb Mommaerts.

Robb fills us in on how he got started in illustration, what his studio looks like, and the kinds of comic books his grandfather would bring home to him.

There were some gremlins in the recording equipment on this episode, so there's a wee bit of background noise. I tried to reduce it as much as possible. So apologies in advance.

No matter what, it's an awesome conversation I know you'll enjoy.

Find Robb on Instagram: @robbmommaerts

Winsor Newton Series 7 Brushes
Green Bay, WI

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I'm joined by Mark Parisi, the creator of the hugely popular syndicated comic "Off the Mark."

Mark let's us know what it's like being a syndicated cartoonist, how he finds inspiration for his work, and all about his awesome "Marty Pants" book series.

Settle in and get ready for some fun cartoon talk!

Link fun:
Mark Parisi, Off the Mark
Go Comics

It's dumpling review time on the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast! You'll learn how the price of haircuts led me to finding the Excellent Dumpling House in New York City. Enjoy this tasty little morsel of an episode. 

A Couple-o-links:
Excellent Dumpling House, NYC
Vacancy Project, NYC

Joining me on this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast is Joe Wos. Joe is a cartoonist and the creator of the popular Maze Toons. He tells us how he got started doing mazes, how he created a wold-record size maze, and what it's like being a syndicated cartoonist. Enjoy!

Joe Wos Mazetoons Site
The Giant Maze Joe Drew
Pittsburgh, PA
Wacom Cintiq

Daryll Collins joins me on this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast. Daryll is a successful cartoonist and humorous illustrator who's work has appeared around the world. He tells us about how he got started in cartooning, how the industry has changed over the years, and how his Saturday morning cartoon ritual influenced his work.

Daryll Collins Site
Champagne Illinois
Jay Ward
Jon Gnagy “Learn to Draw”

It's been one year since the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast started! Join me as I highlight some outrageous mess ups, great guest advice, and fill you in on a fun way to listen to the podcast.

It's been a special year, so it deserved this special episode. Enjoy!

Buy Official Cartoon Dumpling Podcast Merchandise Here

In this special episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I head over to the New York Comic Con. You'll hear about some of the sites I saw, plus I head over to New York AnimeFest for a bit. Unfortunately, my own awkwardness prevented me from getting any in-person interviews. I think you'll still enjoy this episode and I promise to do a better job next year. :)

New York Comic Con
Anime Fest at NYCC
Javits Center

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I have a chat with Buck Jones. Buck is a humorous illustrator and cartoonist living in Des Moines, Iowa. You'll hear how he got started in cartooning, what his studio is like, and all about his new puppy. And, as an extra bonus, you'll get to hear me mispronounce "Des Moines." Nifty.

One link.
Des Moines, Iowa

Find Buck on Instagram: @BuckyJonesIllustration

Dip pens have been around for a long time. In this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I fill you in on the old-timey pen nibs I use for my cartooning. You'll learn a bit of history, what my favorite pen nibs are, and some tips for using them. If you’re a cartoonist who likes to produce their work by hand, you’ll find this interesting. No foolin’.

Links you may like:
Hunt 56 Nib
Hunt 99 Nib
Hunt 101 Nib
Hunt Globe/512 Nib
Hunt 107 Nib
Awesome Nib Sample Pack
Koh-I-Noor 130 Pen Nib Holder
Hunt Crow Quill Nib Holder
Paper Ink Arts Site

This episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast features my conversation with cartoonist Frank Hansen. Frank is based in Los Angeles, California and lets us in on his life growing up in Reno, Nevada, what inspires him for his work, and his favorite celebrity encounter. It's another fascinating peek into the world of an awesome cartoonist and I know you'll enjoy this one!

Links to look at:
Frank Hansen Site
Santa Clarita, CA
Reno, NV
Wacom Cintiq
Robert Downey, Jr
Apple iPad Pro
Apple Pencil
Procreate App

Find Frank Hansen on Instagram: @fmhansen

One of my favorite things in the world is dumplings! In this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I let you know about a wonderful restaurant in New York called Hangawi. You'll learn why sometimes dumplings are more than just dumplings and how I really feel about Penn Station. Enjoy!

One link. Yeah. Just one.
Hangawi Restaurant NYC

Maria Scrivan, syndicated cartoonist and creator of "Half Full" -- Episode 029

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, Maria Scrivan stops by for a chat. Maria is a syndicated cartoonist and the creator of "Half Full".

You'll learn how Maria got started in cartooning, how her miniature dachshund, Toby, is an inspiration for her work, and how Siri mistranslated what she said once and provided her with perhaps the all-time best cartoon character name ever. Maria even gives us a "virtual" tour of her studio. Nifty!

I think you'll agree, this episode has a lot of great advice and is a ton of fun.

Links to things:
Maria Scrivan Site
Half Full on Go Comics
Miniature Dachshund

Find Maria on Instagram: @mariascrivan

International artist and creator of "The Book of Bare Bones", Will Blood joins me from Brighton, England. Will's a talented artist and designer who's work has appeared around the world. He also knows about a kick-ass dumpling place in London.

Insects, art, and anger are the themes of this epic episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast. (Among other things.) Sit back and enjoy.

Oh! By the way, there's some occasional salty language. Nothing too sailor-like. Parental discretion is advised, though. Just sayin’.

Links. Because they're fun.
Will Blood Site
The Book of Bare Bones
Cleon Peterson Artwork
The Ugly Dumpling UK
Brighton, England

Find Will on Instagram: @thebookofbarebones, @willbloodartist

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I sit down with Tom Richmond. Tom is one of the "usual gang of idiots" at MAD Magazine.

You'll hear how Tom got started in his career, what he thinks it takes to be a successful cartoonist, and about the Hollywood star he finds the most difficult to caricature.

Oh look. Links.
Tom Richmond Site
The Mad Art of Caricature! by Tom Richmond
MAD Magazine
Valley Fair

Find Tom on Instagram: @art4mad

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I'm joined by Jason Chatfield, the internationally-syndicated  cartoonist of the comic strip, "Ginger Meggs." His cartoon work regularly appears in the New Yorker and MAD Magazine. He's also a stand-up comedian in New York City.

A native Australian, Jason let's us know how he got started in cartooning, who he thinks would win in a cage match between the funnel web spider and the pizza rat, and his never-before-revealed secret for staying on schedule with his comic strip deadline. This is an epic episode, indeed. Enjoy!

Links to things:
Jason Chatfield Site
Jason Chatfield Comedy Site
Ginger Meggs Comic
"Is there something in this?" Podcast
MAD Magazine
The New Yorker 
Australian Funnel Web Spider
The Original Pizza Rat

Jason on Instagram: @jasonchatfield
"Ginger Meggs" on Instagram: @gingermeggs1921

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, cartoonist Johnny Sampson sits down to discuss his craft. Johnny has worked for the New York Times, Mad Magazine, and VICE, to name a few. 

You'll hear about his days as a storyboard artist in Los Angeles, what his teachers thought about his paintings in art school, and the value of a stupid idea jotted down in a sketchbook. You'll learn about his technique for creating cartoons and what it was like to be nominated for not one, but two, Reuben Awards this year. You're going to enjoy this fun-filled conversation.

One program note -- there is some salty language in this episode. Not much. Just a bit. Keep those kiddies out of earshot is all I'm sayin’.

Valuable links:
Johnny Sampson Site
Cartooning by Ivan Brunetti

Johnny on Instagram: @johnnysampson

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I dive into the Ames Lettering Guide. I am a huge fan of hand lettering and this little tool makes it easier. You'll learn about who invented it, why it's called the "Ames Guide", and what all the little holes on the guide are used for. If you're interested in the craft of cartooning, this short episode is sure to please. Enjoy!

A couple handy links.
The Ames Lettering Guide
How to Use the Ames Guide. Sort of.

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, you'll listen in on my chat with Duane Abel, creator of the comic strip "Zed." Duane has a real passion for the art and craft of cartooning and it shines through in our chat. You'll hear a wonderful story about his Grandma, learn about one of his favorite comic strips that some people hate, and hear why his roll-top desk has a bullet hole in it. Buckle up and enjoy the show!

A link or two, for you.
ZED Comic Strip
Apple Dumplings (not the dumplings I know, but delicious)
Strathmore 500 Series Bristol Board

Duane on Instagram: @corkeycomics

On this episoode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast I sit down with Tim Jones, cartoonist and creator of the syndicated comic strip "Sour Grapes." You'll learn how he went about getting syndicated, what inspires him, and who he shares his studio space with. It's an informative and fun conversation. Enjoy!

Links, links, links.
The Smithfield Times
Charles Schulz Biography

Another international episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast! This time I chat with Nick Prodromou from England. Nick's work is influenced by street art, cartoons, and pop culture. It's also super rad! You'll learn about his technique for producing his work, how he started his own brand in 2017, and his favorite cartoon of all time. This is a totally chill conversation I know you'll enjoy.

Links to Nick Prodromou:
Ink of Mind
Nick on Instagram: @by_nick

Other Links:
The Simpsons
Matt Gondek
Apple iPad Pro
Apple Pencil
Procreate App

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, you'll hear from Elliot Lobell. Elliot is a stop-motion animator and monster maker. You'll learn about his time working on Anomalisa, what his biggest disaster in stop-motion animation has been to date, and what makes stop-motion animation so difficult, yet so rewarding. It's a fun discussion that even touches on another favorite topic of mine—dumplings!

Link lode:
Elliot Lobell Site
Elliot on Vimeo
Elliot on Instagram: @lobelliot
Play Date Music Video

Other links to explore:
The Eagleman Stag by Mikey Please
StopMotionShop by Julian Clark Studios
Dragon Frame Software
Magic Sculpt

Mad Magazine artist and Reuben Award-winning illustrator Ed Steckley joins me on this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast. Ed is an ultra-talented caricature artist and illustrator. You'll learn how he started his career, what his studio is like, and where his favorite dumplings are served. Ed is a helluva guy and I had a blast chatting with him. Enjoy!

Ed Steckley
Rube Goldberg's Simple Normal Humdrum School Day
Mad Magazine
Joe's Shanghai Restaurant
Racine, WI

Shelly Shenoy is a voice-over actor who has brought tons of cartoon characters to life. In this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, Shelly joins me via Skype to discusses how she got started in the business, how she finds the "voice" of a character, and her favorite character she's worked on. You'll also learn what it's like when a character is no longer part of her world. It's an interesting and fun conversation I know you'll enjoy.

Where to find Shelly Shenoy:
Instagram and Twitter: @shellyshenoy
Facebook: @shellyshenoyofficial

Shelly Shenoy for voice coaching:
Facebook: @voiceovercoach

In this episode of Cartoon Dumpling, I have a conversation with Lance Inkwell, a cartoonist based in Denver, Colorado. Lance is a former punk band member who had his own "punk rebellion" in cartooning by establishing a thoroughly modern, retro-cartoon style. Lance is a self-taught cartoonist with a huge Instagram following. He may not leave the house much, but he's certainly well on his way to conquering the world with his art. In our conversation, you'll learn some practical advice for being a better cartoonist, the name of his cats, and where he used to get the best Mexican food in Prescott, AZ. Sit back and enjoy!

Lance Inkwell Site
Blackwing Pencils

On this international episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, I chat with cartoonist Amber Marfatia. You'll learn how he uses technology to produce his cartoons, what inspires his creativity, and why his city is known as the "Oxford of the East." The conversation is lively, informative, and a whole lot of fun. Enjoy!

The links you are looking for:
Amber Marfatia's Site
Contact Amber

In this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, I review dumplings from Beyond Sushi in New York City. You'll also learn what led me to finding these little gems of deliciosity. 

Where to find all the goodness:
Beyond Sushi NYC

In this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I let you in on some techniques for creating memorable characters. I'll also give you the lowdown on how to structure your story to keep your audience engaged and interested. Neato!

Oh the links you'll click:
Four Eyes! Episodes
Password: Emma4ever!
There are 12 episodes there now. As time goes on, I'll rotate in the other 40 episodes.

This time on the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, I'll cover a topic near and dear to every cartoonist's heart: sketchbooks. I've used a lot of different sketchbooks over the years, including one kind some people actually hate. (I know, right?) Learn which three types have been most useful for me. You'll also hear about the tiny tragedy concerning my 20+ year collection of sketchbooks. It's another tasty episode for your brain belly.

Links. Because I care.
Classic Composition Notebook
Strathmore Series 400 Sketchbook
Bienfang Sketchbook
Classic Moleskine -- Large

For this episode of Cartoon Dumpling, I chow down on some frozen dumplings. Find out how my first experience cooking these turned out and how I found a way to embrace this chilly world of dumpling goodness. Enjoy!

A link. Yes. Just one.
H Mart

In this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I sit down with Vincent Stall, the indie-comic icon known as King Mini. In our wide-ranging conversation, you'll hear how a former football player influenced his art, how the death of Phoenix made him feel, and why he draws in a basement. It's a chat I think you'll find fascinating. But be warned, there's a bit of salty language, so cover the little folks' ears.

Some links:
King Mini
King Mini Tumblr
Vincent Stall IMDb
A Collapse of Horses

In this episode of Cartoon Dumpling I'll fill you in on what it took to get my hit animated series "Four Eyes!" into production. If you're thinking about creating your own series or just wonder how these things get done, I think you'll find this interesting. Enjoy!

"Four Eyes!"
Password: Emma4Ever!

This episode of Cartoon Dumpling features a discussion with Michael Patterson--animator, director, and music visualizer. Mike has had a profound influence on my cartooning work. He joins me for a chat about his career as an artist. You'll learn about Mike's famous music video work for the band a-ha and Paula Abdul. You'll also learn what Don Henley thinks about animation, what Genndy Tartakovsky thinks about his drawing style, and how Fred Seibert likes to have shows pitched to him. Mike also gives some practical advice about getting into the industry.

Mighty links to explore:
Michael Patterson
"Commuter" by Michael Patterson
USC Gala Projection — Designed and Directed by Patterson + Reckinger
a-ha, "Take on Me" video
Paula Abdul, "Opposites Attract" video
"Opposites Attract" Rehearsal Video

In this holiday episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, I talk about Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer, my favorite holiday special. Watching this over the years has taught me how Santa is a jerk and it's okay to be a misfit.

A link para ustedes:
Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer Video

This episode of Cartoon Dumpling podcast is about Bristol board. What are the different surfaces? Is it the same as illustration board? Why is it called Bristol board? This subject may be too basic for the pros out there, but for those just starting out, I think you'll find it helpful. Really. I do.

Strathmore 500 Series Bristol Board

This episode of Cartoon Dumpling is about an obscure cartoon, Tobor, the 8th Man. Tobor (a cartoon favorite of mine) was a shape-shifting, monster-wrestling, crime-fighiting android who's unique rejuvination power eventually led to the show being banned from television in the United States.

Links galore:
Tobor the 8th Man on Wikipedia
Tobor the 8th Man Episode on YouTube
A fun article about Tobor by Debra Maza on HuffPo
Buy or rent Tobor here 

In this episode of Cartoon Dumpling, you'll learn how to avoid "B.D.E.", what the "dumpling scale" is and why you have no say in it. Plus, you'll hear a shout out to a cartoon show I'm sure you've watched, but if you haven't, you must. It's a tiny episode but, just like a dumpling, it's tasty.

Some links to stuff I mentioned in the episode:
Bojack Horseman
Adam Kelski
Brooklyn Brewery

I use traditional pen and ink and digital apps to produce my comics. I'll discuss the pros and cons of each in this Cartoon Dumpling podcast.

I'm not sponsored by any of the following companies. But to save you time, I've included some links to things discussed in the episode:
Speedball Ink
Speedball Lettering Nibs
Nib Holder
Hunt School Nib
Hunt 107 Crowquill Nib
Procreate App
Apple iPad Pro
Apple Pencil

In this episode of Cartoon Dumpling, I'll talk about pencils. Yes. Pencils. It's not as boring as you think. 

You'll learn about the ubiquitous yellow #2 pencil, mechanical pencils, and my favorite type of pencil to draw with today.

Links for things covered in podcast (and, nope, I'm not sponsored by any of them):
Tombow Mono 6B Pencils
Dixon Ticonderoga Pencila
David Rees

In this Cartoon Dumpling podcast, I'll talk discuss three books that have inspired my cartooning career.

From "Animation" by Preston Blair to "Cartooning the Head & Figure" by Jack Hamm to "Drawing Words & Writing Pictures" by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden, all three are cram-packed with useful information for cartoonists of all levels.

Am I sponsored by any of the following folks? Naw. Doesn't mean I can't make it easy for you to look up things discussed in the show:
Animation by Preston Blair (with a new cover)
Cartooning the Head & Figure by Jack Hamm
Drawing Words & Writing Pictures by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden

Woot! It's the very first episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast. In this episode, you'll learn a little about why and how I got started in cartooning.

The Cartoon Dumpling podcast is the world's best podcast about cartooning, cartoonists, and the occasional dumpling review. Hosted by Darryl Kluskowski, the creator of the hit animated series "Four Eyes!"