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This episode of Cartoon Dumpling features a discussion with animator, director, and music visualizer, Michael Patterson. Mike has had a profound influence on my cartooning work. He joins me for a chat about his career as an artist.

You'll learn about Mike's famous music video work for the band a-ha and Paula Abdul. You'll also learn what Don Henley thinks about animation, what Genndy Tartakovsky thinks about his drawing style, and how Fred Seibert likes to have shows pitched to him.

Mike also gives some practical advice about getting into the industry.

Mighty links to explore:
Michael Patterson
"Commuter" by Michael Patterson
USC Gala Projection — Designed and Directed by Patterson + Reckinger
a-ha, "Take on Me" video
Paula Abdul, "Opposites Attract" video
"Opposites Attract" Rehearsal Video

In this holiday episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, I talk about the stop-motion animated classic, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. This is by far my favorite holiday special. Watching Rudolph over the years has taught me how Santa is a jerk, how elves have an attitude, and why it's okay to be a misfit. Which, as every cartoonist can attest, is a good thing.

A link para ustedes:
Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer Video

This episode of Cartoon Dumpling podcast is about Bristol board. Why is one called "plate" surface? Why is one called "kid" surface?Is Bristol board the same as illustration board? Why is it even called Bristol board?

This subject may be too basic for the pros out there, but for those just starting out, I think you'll find it helpful. Really. I do.

Strathmore 500 Series Bristol Board


This episode of Cartoon Dumpling is about an obscure cartoon, Tobor, the 8th Man. Tobor (a cartoon favorite of mine) was a shape-shifting, monster-wrestling, crime-fighiting android who's unique rejuvination powers eventually led to the show being banned from television in the United States.

Links galore:
Tobor the 8th Man on Wikipedia
Tobor the 8th Man Episode on YouTube
A fun article about Tobor by Debra Maza on HuffPo
Buy or rent Tobor here 

In this episode of Cartoon Dumpling, you'll learn how to avoid "B.D.E.", what the "dumpling scale" is and why you have no say in it. Plus, you'll hear a shout out to a cartoon show I'm sure you've watched, but if you haven't, you must. It's a tiny episode but, just like a dumpling, it's tasty.

Some links to stuff I mentioned in the episode:
Bojack Horseman
Adam Kelski
Brooklyn Brewery

I use traditional pen and ink and digital apps to produce my comics and cartoons. I'll discuss the pros and cons of each in this Cartoon Dumpling podcast.

If you're a cartoonist who uses dip pens, brushes, or a stylus to ink your work, you'll find this interesting.

I'm not sponsored by any of the following companies. But to save you time, I've included some links to things discussed in the episode:
Speedball Ink
Speedball Lettering Nibs
Nib Holder
Hunt School Nib
Hunt 107 Crowquill Nib
Procreate App
Apple iPad Pro
Apple Pencil

In this episode of Cartoon Dumpling, I'll talk about pencils. Yes. Pencils. It's not as boring as you think. 

You'll learn about the ubiquitous yellow #2 pencil, mechanical pencils, and my favorite type of pencil to draw with today.

Links for things covered in podcast (and, nope, I'm not sponsored by any of them):
Tombow Mono 6B Pencils
Dixon Ticonderoga Pencila
David Rees

In this Cartoon Dumpling podcast, I'll discuss three books that have inspired my cartooning career.

From "Animation" by Preston Blair to "Cartooning the Head & Figure" by Jack Hamm to "Drawing Words & Writing Pictures" by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden, all three are cram-packed with useful information for cartoonists of all levels.

Am I sponsored by any of the following folks? Naw. Doesn't mean I can't make it easy for you to look up things discussed in the show:
Animation by Preston Blair (with a new cover)
Cartooning the Head & Figure by Jack Hamm
Drawing Words & Writing Pictures by Jessica Abel and Matt Madden

Woot! It's the very first episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast. In this episode, you'll learn a little about why I got started in cartooning. And how my crappy illustration of a monkey with a chainsaw led me to becoming the cartoonist I am today.

The Cartoon Dumpling podcast is the world's best podcast about cartooning, cartoonists, and the occasional dumpling review. Hosted by Darryl Kluskowski, the creator of the hit animated series "Four Eyes!"

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