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MAD Magazine artist and Reuben Award-winning illustrator Ed Steckley joins me on this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast. Ed is an ultra-talented caricature artist and illustrator. You'll learn how he started his career, what his studio is like, and where his favorite dumplings are served. Ed is a helluva guy and I had a blast chatting with him. Enjoy!

Ed Steckley
Rube Goldberg's Simple Normal Humdrum School Day
Mad Magazine
Joe's Shanghai Restaurant
Racine, WI

Shelly Shenoy is a voice-over actor who has brought tons of cartoon characters to life. In this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, Shelly joins me via Skype to discuss how she got started in the business, how she finds the "voice" of a character, and her favorite character she's worked on. You'll also learn what it's like when a character is no longer part of her world. It's an interesting and fun conversation I know you'll enjoy.

Where to find Shelly Shenoy:
Instagram and Twitter: @shellyshenoy
Facebook: @shellyshenoyofficial

Shelly Shenoy for voice coaching:
Facebook: @voiceovercoach

In this episode of Cartoon Dumpling, I have a conversation with Lance Inkwell, a cartoonist based in Denver, Colorado. Lance is a former punk-band member who had his own "punk rebellion" in cartooning by establishing a thoroughly modern, retro-cartoon style. Lance is a self-taught cartoonist with a huge Instagram following. He may not leave the house much, but he's certainly well on his way to conquering the world with his art.

In our conversation, you'll learn some practical advice for being a better cartoonist, the name of his cats, and where he used to get the best Mexican food in Prescott, AZ. Sit back and enjoy! 

Lance Inkwell Site
Blackwing Pencils


On this international episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, I chat with cartoonist Amber Marfatia. You'll learn how he uses technology to produce his cartoons, what inspires his creativity, and why his city is known as the "Oxford of the East."

The conversation is lively, informative, and a whole lot of fun. Enjoy!

The links you are looking for:
Amber Marfatia's Site
Contact Amber

In this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, I review dumplings from Beyond Sushi in New York City. You'll also learn what led me to finding these little gems of vegetarian deliciosity.

Where to find all the goodness:
Beyond Sushi NYC

In this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I let you in on some techniques for creating memorable characters.

I'll also give you the lowdown on how to structure your story to keep your audience engaged and interested. Neato!

Oh the links you'll click:
Four Eyes! Episodes
You'll need this password to get into the site:
There are 12 episodes there now. As time goes on, I'll rotate in the other 40 episodes.

This time on the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, I'll cover a topic near and dear to every cartoonist's heart: sketchbooks.

I've used a lot of different sketchbooks over the years, including one kind some people actually hate. (I know, right?) Learn which three types have been most useful for me.

You'll also hear about the tiny tragedy concerning my 20+ year collection of sketchbooks.

Links. Because I care.
Classic Composition Notebook
Strathmore Series 400 Sketchbook
Bienfang Sketchbook
Classic Moleskine -- Large

For this episode of Cartoon Dumpling, I chow down on some frozen dumplings. Find out how my first experience cooking these turned out and how I found a way to embrace this chilly world of dumpling goodness. Enjoy!

A link. Yes. Just one.
H Mart

In this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I sit down with Vincent Stall, cartoonist and indie-comic icon known as King Mini.

In our wide-ranging conversation, you'll hear how a former football player influenced his art, how the death of Phoenix made him feel, and why he draws in a basement.

It's a chat I think you'll find fascinating. But be warned, there's a bit of salty language, so cover the little folks' ears.

Some links:
King Mini
King Mini Tumblr
Vincent Stall IMDb
A Collapse of Horses

In this episode of Cartoon Dumpling I'll fill you in on what it took to get my hit animated series "Four Eyes!" into production.

If you're thinking about creating your own animated series or just wonder how these things get done, I think you'll find this interesting. Enjoy!

"Four Eyes!" Password: Emma4Ever!

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