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On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, Maria Scrivan stops by for a chat. Maria is a syndicated cartoonist and the creator of "Half Full”.

You'll learn how Maria got started in cartooning, how her miniature dachshund, Toby, is an inspiration for her work, and how Siri mistranslated what she said once and provided her with perhaps the all-time best cartoon character name ever. Maria even gives us a "virtual" tour of her studio. Nifty!

I think you'll agree, this episode has a lot of great advice and is a ton of fun.

Links to things:
Maria Scrivan Site
Half Full on Go Comics
Miniature Dachshund

Find Maria on Instagram: @mariascrivan

International artist and creator of "The Book of Bare Bones", Will Blood joins me from Brighton, England. Will's a talented artist and designer who's work has appeared around the world. He also knows about a kick-ass dumpling place in London.

Insects, art, and anger are the themes of this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast. (Among other things.) Sit back and enjoy.

Oh! By the way, there's some occasional salty language. Nothing too sailor-like. Parental discretion is advised, though. Just sayin'.

Links. Because they're fun.
Will Blood Site
The Book of Bare Bones
Cleon Peterson Artwork
The Ugly Dumpling UK
Brighton, England

Find Will on Instagram: @thebookofbarebones, @willbloodartist

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I sit down with Tom Richmond. Tom is one of the "usual gang of idiots" at MAD Magazine.

You’ll how hear how Tom got started as a caricaturist, what he thinks it takes to be a successful cartoonist, and about the Hollywood star he finds the most difficult to caricature.

Happy listening!

Oh look. Links.
Tom Richmond Site
The Mad Art of Caricature! by Tom Richmond
MAD Magazine
Valley Fair

Find Tom on Instagram: @art4mad

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I'm joined by Jason Chatfield, the internationally-syndicated  cartoonist of the comic strip, "Ginger Meggs." His cartoon work regularly appears in the New Yorker and MAD Magazine. He's also a stand-up comedian in New York City.

A native Australian, Jason let's us know how he got started in cartooning, who he thinks would win in a cage match between the funnel web spider and the pizza rat, and his never-before-revealed secret for staying on schedule with his comic strip deadline.

This is an epic episode, indeed. Enjoy!

Links to things:
Jason Chatfield Site
Jason Chatfield Comedy Site
Ginger Meggs Comic
"Is there something in this?" Podcast
MAD Magazine
The New Yorker 
Australian Funnel Web Spider
The Original Pizza Rat

Jason on Instagram: @jasonchatfield
"Ginger Meggs" on Instagram: @gingermeggs1921

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, cartoonist Johnny Sampson sits down to discuss his craft. Johnny has worked for the New York Times, MAD Magazine, and VICE.

You'll hear about his days as a storyboard artist in Los Angeles, what his teachers thought about his paintings in art school, and the value of a stupid idea jotted down in a sketchbook. You'll learn about his technique for creating cartoons and what it was like to be nominated for not one, but two, Reuben Awards this year. You're going to enjoy this fun-filled conversation.

One program note -- there is some salty language in this episode. Not much. Just a bit. Keep those kiddies out of earshot is all I'm sayin'.

Valuable links:
Johnny Sampson Site
Cartooning by Ivan Brunetti

Johnny on Instagram: @johnnysampson

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling Podcast, I dive into the Ames Lettering Guide. I'm a huge fan of hand lettering and this little tool makes it easier. You'll learn about who invented it, why it's called the "Ames Guide", and what all the little holes on the guide are used for. If you're interested in the craft of cartooning, this short episode is sure to please. Enjoy!

A couple handy links.
The Ames Lettering Guide
How to Use the Ames Guide. Sort of.

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, you'll listen in on my chat with Duane Abel, creator of the comic strip "Zed." Duane has a real passion for the art and craft of cartooning and it shines through in our chat. You'll hear a wonderful story about his Grandma, learn about one of his favorite comic strips that some people hate, and hear why his roll-top desk has a bullet hole in it. Buckle up and enjoy the show!

A link or two, for you.
ZED Comic Strip
Apple Dumplings (not the dumplings I know, but delicious)
Strathmore 500 Series Bristol Board

Duane on Instagram: @corkeycomics

On this episoode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast I sit down with Tim Jones, cartoonist and creator of the syndicated comic strip "Sour Grapes." You'll learn how he went about getting syndicated, what inspires him, and who he shares his studio space with. It's an informative and fun conversation. Enjoy!

Links, links, links.
The Smithfield Times
Charles Schulz Biography

Another international episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast! This time I chat with Nick Prodromou from England. Nick's work is influenced by street art, cartoons, and pop culture. It's also super rad! You'll learn about his technique for producing his work, how he started his own brand in 2017, and his favorite cartoon of all time. This is a totally chill conversation I know you'll enjoy. 

Links to Nick Prodromou:
Ink of Mind
Nick on Instagram: @by_nick

Other Links:
The Simpsons
Matt Gondek
Apple iPad Pro
Apple Pencil
Procreate App

On this episode of the Cartoon Dumpling podcast, you'll hear from Elliot Lobell. Elliot is a stop-motion animator and monster maker. You'll learn about his time working on Anomalisa, what his biggest disaster in stop-motion animation has been to date, and what makes stop-motion animation so difficult, yet so rewarding. It's a fun discussion that even touches on another favorite topic of mine--dumplings!

Link lode:
Elliot Lobell Site
Elliot on Vimeo
Elliot on Instagram: @lobelliot
Play Date Music Video

Other links to explore:
The Eagleman Stag by Mikey Please
StopMotionShop by Julian Clark Studios
Dragon Frame Software
Magic Sculpt